This page is not yet here. Give it a couple of weeks.

My relatively-humble apologies, but this page isn't yet existing...
Well, this page is existing, the page you tried to reach isn't. Unless you were actually trying to find the 'missing page' page, in which case you were quite successful.

You see, the thing is, I started at the index, putting all those things that are going to be on my page (well, a lot of them), then realised that I've already paid for the site, so I might as well put something up while I'm still working on it.
Chances are you wouldn't be looking at this anyway unless you're a friend of mine. You could always visit the relatively complete old-site, at http://members.xoom.com/RavenX/ if you're interested in what this one will be like when it's finished... Though of course, this one will be better.

Meanwhile, feel free to stick your beak into things around here, but expect to return to this page (or a simulacrum of it) often.

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