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And some impersonal ones
Raven   Random Personality Tests

Death Test (silly) I can expect to die on July 6, 2050, at the age of 73 years old.
On that date I will most likely die from: Cancer (33%), Heart Attack (25%), Alien Abduction (11%), Alcoholism (7%)
Nerd Test (irksome) My nerd score is 455. Nerd rating 69.29%
Alignment Quiz (amusing) I have 17 points towards Chaos and 17 points towards Evil. My alignment is Chaotic Evil.
The Enneagram Test (Riso Hudson v2.0) (crap) I am : The Reformer (23), The Thinker (22), The Artist (21), The Leader (17), The Generalist (16), The Motivator (16), The Helper (11), The Peacemaker (10), The Skeptic (8)
I don't like the type names for this test. Since when does 'Skeptic' mean 'The committed, security-oriented type'?
The Political Matchmaker Test (amusing) My party compatibility table reads thus : Libertarian Party (68%), Green Party (63%), Democratic Party (53%), Reform Party (47%), Natural Law Party (42%), US Taxpayers Party (42%), Republican Party (32%)
Relationship Attachment Test (eh) My scores out of 100
Dependency:10, Loss of identity:12, Fear of rejection:16, Disproportionate focus on partner:0, Pleasing at expense of self:12
The Room (Good) (Extracts) Self-righteously pessimistic, potentially nihilistic, mysterious, dark, brooding, gloomy, powerful, changeable and ominous. May exhibit anti-social behaviour such as raining on other people's parades. Listen to Lou Reed, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen. Relationship is based on an enduring trust and classical balance that helps you both rise to the highest level of understanding. scavenges friends and relations from the scrap-metal heap of life and then through superior insight helps them to realize their fine talents so they too may soar above the clouds in riveting pirouettes of grace and death-defying stunts. Problems are no stranger. Future is that of a visionary, imagining scenarios for the next millennium. Hands continually caress your external self causing others to accuse you of an inflated ego, but you know that time will pass and prove you to be right on.
The Star Wars Personality Test (Surprisingly good) I score (percentiles): Openness:93 (Yoda), Conscientiousness:25 (Admiral Ozzel), Extraversion:18 (Wampas), Agreeableness:0 (Emperor Palpatine (Yay, me!)), Neuroticism:5% (Princess Leia)
The Ant Test (amusing) I am an ERDANT - Angry Ant Purple. "You are a combination of the Queenant, the Amazonant and the Bullant. You make minced meat of anyone who crosses your path when you are trying to get a job done. You are so big even Godzilla is scared to cross your turf. Go back to your own purple patch."
The Freak Test (not bad) I scored 93, putting me in the freakiest 2 percentile.
Implicit Attitudes Test (interesting) I have a moderate auto-preference for young, a slight auto-preference for white, and I strongly auto-associate sciences with male and arts with female, apparently.
Kingdomality Test (amusing) I'm a White Knight, apparently. Goes well with my Chaotic-with-evil-tendencies from the Alignment Quiz. Correction - I was a White Knight, but nowadays (having repeated the test) I'm a Black Knight. The tests are congruent after all.
Personality Test (quick and good) I demand a free and unattached life for myself that allows me to determine my own course. I have an artistic bent in my work or leisure activities. My urge for freedom sometimes causes me to do exactly the opposite of what is expected of me. My lifestyle is highly individualistic. I would never blindly imitate what is "in"; on the contrary, I seek to live according to my own ideas and convictions, even if this means swimming against the tide.
Fluid IQ at (max 5 minutes) My fluid IQ is apparently 148.0. Somewhere in the top 2 percentile. Probably in the top 1 percentile, if the graph trends are consistent. There are interesting other trends if you browse the graphs. Liquor drinkers, on average, have a higher intelligence. Beer drinkers' vary more widely. People who like Starcraft graph a very weird banded IQ.
Real Age (long and tedious) Apparently my 'RealAge' (it's a health thing, not a mental thing, sadly) is 7 years less than the number of years since I was born. And in October 2002, I'll only be 1.5 RealYears older than I am in October 1999.
IQ test (not bad) This suggests my IQ to be 162. (test maximum 174). It has several of those "which is the most logical" which should really be "which is the one the test designer thinks is logical", since there is no real logical progression.
Majon IQ tests (quite fun) I'm not fond of these tests for their "which of these is nearest to being opposite..." and "which of these relationships is like..." questions. Many of them are (in my opinion) a matter of opinion.
Test 1 : 85% (standardised IQ 125.4)
Test 2 : 85% (standardised IQ 122.7)
Test 3 : 85% (standardised IQ 117.3)
Test 4 : 90% (standardised IQ 132.5)
Unix test : 100% (only ten questions, tsch.)
IQ test (pen+paper) This says my IQ is 155 (test maximum "160+"). As usual, it has some irksome answers, most annoying of which is the odd one out of "salmon, liver, beef, pork, ham" being salmon because it's fish. I say liver because it's an organ. Both of those are odd, really. Either of them can be still alive, the rest can't.

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