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Stupid people are just so endearing. Cough.
Raven   Stupid Emails

Here I'll be listing the stupid emails that have come to me because of my website, along with responses.

Dear Sir
It appears that URL has been hacked to go to your web page. If our URL is not restored to its proper place within the next 24 hours we will commence with legal procedings against you including loss of earnings.
Please rectify this situation immediately.
We look forward to your response.
Chris Jackson
Managaer Arcade Warehouse

I'm glad you look forward to my response, and I look forward to your legal proceedings against me, which would be utterly ridiculous since it's absolutely nothing to do with me.
You'll probably find that this problem has, in fact, nothing to do with hacking at all, but rather a problem with name server propagation. If you have recently changed server (perhaps to or from CDG Commerce as your provider?) the DNS takes a couple of days to become up-to-date. As far as I can tell, there is nobody to blame for this interim period - it's simply a problematic fact of changing servers.
Please have someone with technical knowledge research what the problem might be before threatening lawsuits.

[Previous message repeated the next morning]

I respond *again*, but this time I'm not explaining. I sent you an explanation yesterday of why you're mistaken. Try reading the message in your inbox.
Your accusation is unwarranted, and does nothing but display your stupidity and lack of technical know-how. I suggest you do some research before spouting such unfounded nonsense. Perhaps someone such as you should not be trying to run a website, with your lack of internet savvy. Might I suggest you start with a physical shop instead, which is perhaps within the bounds of your limited comprehension skills?

Who are you and why the fuck do iget your page when i want to look at arcade warehouse?
[followed by some broken script which seemingly attempts to reset my computer, judging by the line "wsh.Run(wd+'RUNDLL32.EXE user.exe,exitwindows');"]
(Also from someone called Chris. Coincidence?)

I'm glad you're so polite.
So glad that I won't be answering your questions. Ask arcade warehouse.

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