Deathly Thoughts

When, you let me die, my spirit's free,
there's nothing challenging me...

Death. In my opinion a good thing. There's so many unhappy people in the world, would they not be better of dead? Would the rest of the population not be better off if those same people were dead? A good thing all round.

Yet someone decided that both suicide and euthenasia should be illegal (true at time and place of writing, at least). Why? Okay, so it might hurt friends and family. So does living in a permanent state of groaning misery, and one's going to die eventually anyway. Accelerating the process will only bypass pain, suffering and (oh so callous) expense in terms of resources.

Okay, so euthanasia isn't necessarily a good thing without the wish of the 'victim' alongside. Doctors are often wrong (Trust me, I'm not a doctor). If they want to die, though, and can only exist on the basis of remaining attached to machinery (consuming electricity and food all the while), what's the point? Merely to remain legal. (Cross reference : Illegality)

Suicide, then... Perhaps you're mistaken? Life will get better? You shouldn't be going through with it anyway then. If you miss out on a good life, it's your own stupid fault. If, however, you miss out on fifty years of misery, is that not a good thing? I'm all for suicide, in context.

Death by 'natural disaster'. Mass death. "Shocking", you hear people say, as they hear about it on the news. Not I, I am unphased by such things, if anything, pleased. On the basis that I don't know any of the people, why should it affect me adversely? Many people die every day, I don't hear about it, it doesn't bother me. Why should hearing about it make me feel different? Why pleased? Because I don't like the majority of people. A mass death is, therefore, probably resulting in 90% deaths of people I don't like, and the remaining 10% I don't know anyway and probably never would. More land space for those left alive, and fifteen points to nature. A good thing.

It's good for the environment, too. All those nutrients composting, or becoming food for wriggly-things, which, in turn, are food for birds and such. Almost as efficient as Soylent Green (which is a concept I approve of).

Death of a friend (Cross reference : friends). There are, I think, fewer than twenty people in the world that I'd be upset by the death of. Most of those are named somewhere around my website. Of these, fewer than ten would make me upset enough that I'd noticably react beyond "Oh. Bugger.". Somewhere in the middle of that range is how upset I am by the death of a raven (Cross reference : crows). By that, I probably brand myself a hermit and a freak to most people. Mostly, I suspect, the same people as aren't one of the twenty.

Death of myself. I don't fear death, but have a healthy dislike for the probable pain associated with it. Whether there's an afterlife, reincarnation, oblivion, life's just a dream, or I'm just a load of chemical and electrical reactions, I don't foresee a problem. I don't think I'm nasty enough to be lobbed at a low afterlife. I like life enough that reincarnation would be fine. It's not as if I'd mind oblivion, what with not existing any more. Chemical things would equate to oblivion. The worst case is that life's a dream, because I'd probably miss it when I waken. (Cross reference : dreams)

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