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A modest proposal
Raven   Housing nonprofit charter


Capitalism does a decent job of allocating limited resources based on a balance of want/need/contribution - but this is a trait of currency rather than actual capitalism. The problem with capitalism is, when a limited resource such as real estate becomes more in demand than supply, the difference in its price goes into the pocket of someone not making contributions of comparable value - which then unbalances their ability to claim further resources.

The goal of this entity is to provide housing with the same resource allocation benefits as under capitalism, but without the exploitation or profiteering.

In support of this goal, the following rules for a new financial entity are established. In order to establish an actual entity, a generous benefactor would be required to seed either the funds or the property holdings of the entity. (Perhaps as a bequeath.)


  1. The entity has money, hereafter referred to as The Fund.
  2. The entity may own real estate. Property owned by the entity may be either rented or long-term leaseheld by tenants.
  3. A rental agreement with the entity:
  4. A long-term leasehold agreement with the entity:
  5. The Fund:
  6. The Committee:
  7. This charter may only be altered with a 90% agreement of all voting members. (Why?)
    To avoid a small majority voting to decide to sell off all the property and pocket the difference. The charter deliberately places strong limits on the activities of the entity to prevent it from driving a profit to any individuals. Allowing a change with a large enough majority allows for adaptations to societal change (eg. maybe some concepts are simply no longer applicable), but only allowing a change with a large majority prevents a small set of people from actively driving it away from its goals. It is our hope that members will be in favor of the goals!


Renting from the entity vs renting from a regular landlord

Buying a leasehold from the entity vs renting from the entity

Buying a leasehold from the entity vs buying a property deed

Transferring your property deed to the entity in exchange for a leasehold vs keeping the deed

Bequeathing your property and/or money to the entity vs charity

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