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A mini resuming webserver for Windows
Raven   RavenGive

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RavenGive is a Shareware (half freeware, in that you can use the unregistered version indefinitely) small resuming-capable webserver (aka HTTP daemon) for Windows.

RavenGive uses very little in the way of system resources, being only Windows API code, written in C/C++. To the best of my knowledge, the server is secure - it should not allow other users to crash your system, steal your files (except those you are sharing deliberately), or make your computer do anything other than the intended purpose of the program. (Mind, this does not constitute a warranty of any sort - see the License Agreement.)

I have attempted to keep the server free of potential buffer overflows, and as resistant to denial-of-service attacks as is reasonable - it's up to the user how they configure the available options for preventing DoS. Since the code was written from scratch, using no libraries outside the Windows API, I am fairly confident that the server cannot be hacked by clients, nor crashed other than by exceeding the available system resources (which would take a lot of connections. The user can disallow this).

RavenGive versus other servers:

RavenGive Abyss Apache MS IIS
Price Free/$8 Free Free Er...
Size Very small Small Middling Far too big
Rate-limiting: Yes* No(?) Yes~ No(?)
Supports CGI Not yet Yes Yes Yes
Supports download resuming Yes Yes Yes ?
On-the-fly GUI configuration Yes Yes No Yes
* - if registered
~ - with a module